Notable Public Figures Who Float

Flotation therapy has been embraced by celebrities and floating for a creative boost is actually very common. Jim Carrey, Robin Williams, Michael Jackson, Kris KristoffersonSusan Sarandon and Michael Crichton are just a few of the people that have liked getting some inspiration from the still waters every now and then. Other celebrities who have used flotation tanks are Jeff Bridges, Burgess Meredith, William Hurt,Peter Gabriel, Kirk DouglasNeil YoungGeorge Carlin and Elle Macpherson. It has been said that John Lennon actually kicked a heroin addiction by spending time in the tank.
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Joe Rogan (former host of NBC’s Fear Factor, comedian, actor and UFC commentator), is a New Jersey-­born martial artist who has done more than any other celebrity to popularize flotation therapy. He describes his personal experience in using them for various purposes, such as exploring the nature of consciousness and improving health and well being. You can watch his YouTube video here on our site to learn more about his thoughts on floating.

There are tremendous health benefits for athletes who participate in flotation therapy. Some of the most famous sports teams use it to improve their performance. The Dallas Cowboys have used it to great effect in the 1980’s to expedite the healing process for injured players. Carl Lewis, one of the world’s most renowned track and field stars, used flotation therapy to help him prepare mentally for competitions. Some of the members of the Philadelphia Phillies used the float tank before going on to win the team’s first World Series title in decades. Wayne Rooney, a member of Manchester United, actually owns a float tank. Even Tom Brady, quarterback for the New England Patriots, has a float tank in his home.

Floating attracts the intellectual crowd as well. Some of the greatest minds of our time, such as Nobel Prize winner Richard Feynman, Prize nominee Buckminster Fuller, Aldous HuxleyAlan WattsR.D. Laing and more, felt that time in the tank helped with their already genius-­level problem solving skills.